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Purva Oakshire is a place where you can see the beauty of nature in a natural way. Features of the locality are well-developed infrastructure, serene and healthy atmosphere and good connectivity to major cities in the country.

Purva Oakshire Rampura, is in Bangalore, on Rampura Road, and is spread out over a large number of acres. Purrva and the Bangalore Development Authority are working together to develop the land. The urban area is made up of plots of land that can be added to, as well as a residential area and the Biotechnology Park. Bangalore is a city that has grown a lot. Because there are more wealthy and middle-class people living in Rampura City Bangalore, it offers a high-end lifestyle with modern services and amenities. You can enjoy the ease of a unique way of life and the low cost of living in Purva Oakshire Rampura Bangalore.

Purva Oakshire Rampura has a Jacuzzi, a pool, a sauna, a steam room, a health club, and a sports club. There is also a buffet that is made for parties that happen often. At the Purva Oakshire in Rampura, you can see how beautiful and well-made each building is. People trust Purva Group's programmes because they are strong and of good quality. The residential real estate market in Bangalore has reached its peak, with all districts offering the most up-to-date amenities.

Transparent living spaces are luxurious and can be afforded by everyone. The city that runs itself has all the modern conveniences and shopping centers you could want. The city has a lot of history, culture, and long-held traditions that add to the appeal of living there. Bangalore is one of Karnataka's biggest cities, and because of how important it is, it's a great place to buy an apartment if you want to invest. Bangalore's prices can meet the needs and wants of each person. One of the best things about a residential community is that it is gated and has staff available all day. This is an excellent option to think about if you want to invest in Bangalore.

Investing in the Purva Oakshire plots of Rampura is a safe way to make money. It not only gives you a way to make more money and grow your wealth, but it also gives you an extra source of income to help you retire. It also lets you lower your taxes and reach many other goals in life. There are many ways to put money to work that are safe and give high returns. Investing in the Pura Oakshire Plots Rampura is one of the best ways to make money. People think that the real estate market is less risky than other investments or stocks. When a property is rented out, rent income is also a source of income, and if the property's value goes up, a capital gain could be made by selling the property.

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Purva Oakshire : Why Choose Us

At Purva Oakshire, We know that people all over the world want to find a place to call home. Home is a precious memory that will last forever, where the walls are a place to keep memories, the ceilings protect laughter and love, the quiet spaces give you a chance to stop, and life itself is the reason to be happy.

Purva Oakshire is a website where people can buy and sell real estate in a more modern and efficient way. We will not only help you find the right property, but we will also make sure that the process of buying is as easy as it can be. We know that there are a lot of things to think about when buying or renting a home, such as the area, the budget, the neighbourhood, the amenities, and more. Purva Oak is a place that might be able to help you find the best property in India. You can find the perfect place to rent or plan to build your own dream house. On our site, you can find anything and everything that has to do with real estate.

It is https://purvaOakshirebangalore.com/'s goal to provide updated information about real estate activity and to assist prospective buyers in making informed decisions. With evolving web-based searches, 99acres.com is committed to sharing relevant details about real estate activity. And to simplify, accelerate, and increase the effectiveness of property searches online!

Infrastructure within a city

The Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport has the third most passengers of any airport in the world. There is the largest train station and a good system for getting around. Buses run by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) are another popular way to get around. BMTC also has big buses, taxis, and Volvo buses that are all air-conditioned. Bangalore's sewer lines cover an area of 215 square kilometers. Bangalore gets a lot more water than the average city in India. But there isn't enough water because there are big changes in how much rain falls in the city. Bangalore's property prices will go up because of all the planned infrastructure projects. The metro system in the city is expected to start running soon.

The Manyata Embassy Business Park near Hebbal has made homes in the area more expensive. Some parts of the city, like Hosur Sarjapur Road Layout (HSR Layout), are becoming more popular places to live because they are close to Electronic City and other business areas. One of the main reasons why property prices are going up in Bengaluru is that infrastructure is getting better. Real estate prices have gone up all over the metropolis because of plans to expand the metro, the international airport, and a number of road projects.

Living and Housing

Because of the growth of IT companies in Bengaluru, many people have moved out of the CBD and into other parts of the city. Like many other major cities around the world, Bengaluru has grown as the need for real estate in areas farther from the city centre (CBD) has grown. After the airport was moved to this area, Bengaluru North became a major place to buy and sell homes. One of the main reasons why home prices went up in the area was the elevated expressway. Bengaluru is also close to a lot of IT centres, which is another reason why there is a lot of demand for real estate in the area. In the year that Electronic City opened, prices for homes in places like Bengaluru south went up. As Whitefield grew into an important IT hub, the prices of homes in the city's eastern part also went up.

When traffic volumes in Chennai metro increase, the city's land use pattern may change, though this is unlikely to happen in the short term. Another area where property prices may rise is near Mahindra World City, a special economic zone with some of the world's largest technological zones. Infosys, one of India's largest IT firms, will also build the world's largest information technology park at Mahindra World City.


In 2011, the Chennai metropolitan area had a population of 8.95 million people. Chennai has a larger population than many countries. Singapore, for example, had a population of only 5.399 million people in 2013. The city, on the other hand, covers 426 square kilometers. With 26,553 people per square kilometer, Chennai is one of the world's densest cities. Chennai, after Mumbai and Delhi, has the highest number of migrants and the fourth highest slum population among Indian cities.


Bangalore is one of the most urban and international cities in India. The city is known for its wide range of food, movies, street food, music, and entertainment. There are a lot of important historical sites in Bangalore, like The Bangalore Palace and Bangalore Fort. Musicians from all over the world have played here. In Bangalore, cricket, basketball, football, and tennis are all very popular sports. One of the best places in India to go to a rock concert is Bengaluru. Commercial Street is a busy place to shop. Big shopping streets like Phoenix Marketcity and Gopalan Grand Mall are in IT hubs like Whitefield. Also called India's "pub capital." There are many bars and clubs in the city. There are indoor theme parks in the city, like Snow City, which is the only one in India where the temperature is kept at less than 5 degrees Celsius. In Bangalore, there is also the National Gallery of Modern Art.

Purva Oakshire Amenities

A wide range of amenities are available to residents of the Purva Oakshire neighborhood in Rampura. People who live there might have access to gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other amenities. There is also a clubhouse and restaurant available for your use.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool

In both recreational and competitive swimming, the body moves through the water by using its natural buoyancy and arm and leg movements. It also works out your whole body and improves your cardiovascular fitness. A pool is a great way to get kids outside and moving so they can get some fresh air and exercise. Swimming pools are built into Purva Oakshire to keep your body and mind healthy.



The gym is one of these places. People go to the gym to keep fit. People can have the perfect body if they go to the gym regularly. You can benefit both your body and mind from exercising. If a person's body is strong and healthy, they are happy and content. The gym at Purva Oakshire will keep you in shape physically and mentally.



Taking care of yourself and making time for yourself can reduce stress levels by a lot, and they should be part of our self-care toolkits because they are so important to our overall health. The relaxation response will then happen because of the rest. There is easy access to a spa, a fitness center, and a swimming pool at Purva Oakshire.

Kids’ Play Area

Kids Play Area

A playground is where children go to play. They often have slides, swings, and seesaws for kids to play on. Most of the time, they are outside, but sometimes they are inside a building. Your macadam surface and your kids' playground time can be made better with a playground. The playgrounds at Purva Oakshire make it easy and quick for children to play.

Skating Rink

Walking Path

Walking Lose body fat and stay in a healthy weight range. Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are some of the health problems that should be avoided or treated. enhance your cardiovascular fitness. Make your muscles and bones stronger.


Multipurpose Hall

Purva Oakshire, also has a Multipurpose Hall. The hall has spaces for events and cultural activities in the area and nearby. It has a theater with lighting and sound systems and other specialized tools. The main part of the plan is to make sure there are places for events and cultural programmes in the area and the communities around it.

Convenience Store

Convenience Store

Convenience Store facilities have been integrated into Purva Oakshire, Having things easy to get to can be very helpful. With its promise of comfort and ease, convenience tries to get rid of all kinds of problems, annoyances, and difficulties. However, it is exactly these things that can give life meaning.

Skating Rink

Reflexology Track

Reflexology has a lot of good effects, like making nerves work better, giving you more energy, improving circulation, putting you in a deep state of relaxation, getting rid of toxins, stimulating the central nervous system, preventing migraines, fixing problems with the urinary tract, speeding up recovery after an injury or surgery, and helping you sleep better.


Now that you know all the great things about Purva Oakshire, what are you waiting for? For more information about our prices and to schedule an appointment, please visit our website. Contact us via the helpline if you have any questions.

Master Plan

Master Plan

Floor Plan

floor plan1

2 BHK - Coming Soon.

floor plan1

3 BHK - Coming Soon.


Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
Plot 1023 SQ.FT. ₹ 81.83 L*
Plot 1328 SQ.FT ₹ 1.06 Cr*
Plot 1362 SQ.FT. ₹ 1.09 Cr*
Plot 1649 SQ.FT. ₹ 1.32 Cr*
Plot 1651 SQ.FT. ₹ 1.32 Cr*
Plot 2149 SQ.FT. ₹ 1.75 Cr*
Plot 2210 SQ.FT. ₹ 1.77 Cr*
Plot 4219 SQ.FT. ₹ 3.37 Cr*

Purva Oakshire Map & Address of our location

The village panchayat of Rampura is in the Chitradurga district of the Indian state of Karnataka. The Rampura is at a latitude of 14.8829136 and a longitude of 76.782702. These numbers are called its geocoordinates. Bangalore is the state capital for Rampura village. It is about 228.2 km away from Rampura. Bangalore, which is 220.1 km away, is the other state capital that is close to Rampura. Pondicherry, Chennai, and Hyderabad are the other state capitals that are close by (333.5 KM).

The following villages are close to Rampura and how far they are from it: Chikkirahalli (6.9 KM), Ashokasiddapura (7.9 KM), Santhegudda (14.0 KM), B.g. Kere (18.9 KM), Molakalmuru (18.9 KM), Rayapura (21.7 KM), Thumkurlahalli (25.9 KM), Nerlahalli (26.9 KM)

The Nearest Railway Station

Molakalmuru and Rampura are about 19.3 kilometers apart. This makes Rampura the closest train station. The table below shows more train stations and how far away they are from Mamakudi.

19.3 km to Molakalmuru railway station.

The Rayadurg train station is 21.3 km away.

In Bellary Cantt, there is a train station. 32.2 KM.

The train station in Kudatini is 34.9 km away.

61.8 kilometers from Hospet Jn.

The nearest Airport

Bellary Airport, which is 32.8 KM from Rampura, is the closest airport. Here are some other airports near Rampura.

Bellary Airport is 32.8 km away.

The airport is 36.4 km away.

Adani Airport is 99.2 km away.

The Closest Districts to Rampura

The district's headquarters are in Chitradurga, which is about 84.3 kilometers from Rampura. Bellary, which is 31.7 KM from Rampura, is the second-closest district headquarters. Below is a list of the districts that are close to Rampura.

The area of Bellary (31.7 KM).

The area of Koppal (85.3 km)

89.1 km to the district of Anantapur (Anantapur).

Davanagere District (104.1 kilometers)

Rampura's Closest City or Town

Rayadurg, which is 22.1 kilometers away, is the closest town, city, or other important place to Rampura. Below is a list of the towns, cities, TPs, and CTs that are close to Rampura.

Rayadurg is 22.1 KM away.

30.4 km from Bellary.

34.1 KM in Sandur

41.7 KM from Kudligi

48.3 KM is Alur.

The Schools Around Rampura

Government Primary High School is one mile from Rampura.

Yerragunta is 24.1 KM from Zph School.

Ravi S. is 27.7 km from Jyothi S High School

School of Vidyaniketan Research A is 26.3 KM

Government School is 27.8 km

Beaches in Rampura and the areas around it

Ennore Beach is the closest beach to Rampura. It is 424.3 km away. The beaches near Rampura are listed below.

The beach is 424.3 km away.

The closest beaches are Thiruvottiyur Beach, Marina Beach, Santhome Beach, and Adyar Beach, all of which are 425.7 km away.






43 +

Million Square Feet Area

Puravankara Limited, located in Bengaluru, is one of India's major listed real estate businesses. In 1975, the organisation began its incredible journey with a strong vision and objective to satisfy the aspirations of teeming millions by giving decent houses. The firm has built two separate and profitable brands on the Indian real estate map during the previous four decades (47 years). Puravankara's flagship brand caters to the high end of the spectrum, while Provident is positioned in the premium inexpensive market. Puravankara now has offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Mangaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, and Goa, as well as in the GCC and Sri Lanka. In addition, the business was one of the first in India to gain FDI in real estate. In 2005, a joint venture was formed with "Keppel Land," a Singapore government development business. Puravankara specialises on luxury and theme-based projects, pulling inspiration from the world's greatest. The Puravankara Group, with its keen vision, incorporated new technologies and the most recent breakthroughs in construction science far ahead of schedule, allowing for faster execution and the delivery of high-quality goods. Puravankara has evolved from strength to strength throughout the years, completing about 43 million square feet and 74 projects (both Puravankara and Provident). Provident Housing Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Puravankara) was established in 2008 to suit the goals of middle-income and first-time homeowners. Projects totaling approximately 21 million square feet have been initiated, with 12 million square feet finished and delivered to nearly 40000 happy and pleased homeowners. In addition, fresh launches of slightly more than 7 million square feet are scheduled for the near future. Puravankara has received several honours throughout the years. CNBC-AWAAZ Real Estate Awards 2018-19 - SOUTH ZONE - Puravankara Limited, India Property Awards 2019 - For Best Developer of the Year - South - Puravankara Limited, 14th Construction World Architect & Builder (CWAB) Awards 2019 - India's Top Challengers 2018-19 - Puravankara Limited, Construction Week Awards 2019 - Real Estate Person of the Year - Runner Up -. Ashish Puravankara Puravankara was also named one of the ET Now -Dream Companies to Work For -2019.

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Yes, it is a project that has been authorised, thus many institutions will help you obtain financing for Puravankara Limited Bengaluru
It is a brand-new venture that is just getting started.
This Project Offer 2BHK starting with 1.95 Cr
Yes, There Is An Upcoming Project In Bengaluru by Puravankara Limited Named Purva Oakshire Bangalore.

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